by Neil Simon

What is Romeo and Juliet if not the tale of house party that's gotten, well, a little out of hand? Joyful and gently surreal, Neon Nature's retelling of the star-crossed lovers' romance celebrates the euphoria and delirium of young love — along with drinking games, pillow fights, hickeys, and the particular stickiness on the bottom of your shoes when you've been dancing all night long and someone spilled something on the floor but it was all totally worth it? So, grab a plastic cup and join us for a rollicking toast to the dreams and desires at the heart of Shakespeare's most infamous — and revelrous — love story.

Directed by Nick O’Leary

Scenic Design — Connor O'Leary
Costume Design — Miranda Hanson
Lighting Design — ry burke
Sound Design — Grace Oberhofer and Sam Kaseta
Dramaturgy by — Helena Pennington

Produced by — Kim Golding and Helena Pennington

Photos by Walls Trimble